Dhikr (remembrance)

Dhikr, or the remembrance, is the essential and foundational practice of a Sufi. This practice consists of simply remembering Allah, usually by repetition of His Name or Qualities. The principal effect of dhikr is to bring the heart back to awareness of God. During remembrance, the rememberer invokes the essential light of God. This light fills the heart, eventually returning the Sufi to the reality of existence.

Allah says: “To Allah belongs all the beautiful names, so call out to Him with them” (Surat al-A’raaf verse 180).

Dhikr and the resulting awe and awareness of Allah, blessed and exalted is He, underlies describes the process of surrendering one’s self (nafs) to God's will. Dhikr is fundamental in prayer for forgiveness, protection, insight and peace. Dhikr is the reminder to the believer that Allah is the bestower and provider of all our needs and stations. Dhikr is the remembrance itself as well as the various practices of remembrance. In the Shadhuli Way, dhikr is done by a group standing in a circle, fingers interlaced, chanting the name of God to evoke His light and allow Him to open and clean the participants' hearts, minds, and spirits. This is a very powerful experience that brings the community together in celebration of Allah’s creation. This form of dhikr is held every Sunday and Thursday night at the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center of Tucson from 7pm-9pm. Before or after dhikr we offer teachings about the Sufi path and readings from Sidi’s books. There is no charge for the teaching or for dhikr.