Writing Stations

Sidi Shaykh Muhammad has opened up the knowledge of his heart for his beloveds. The Stations of the Way are twenty-eight doorways into the spiritual realities we walk through on the journey from unknowing and darkness into love, completion and light. To learn the teachings in each station deeply, we write them out by hand. Writing the stations takes the beloved through the doorway of the words and into a taste of the station, even a station seemingly far removed from where we live and what we experience daily.

Sidi writes, "When I say, 'Fly,' I mean that I want everyone to fly because I give him himma. The knowing is himma. When you know and I give you more, this is himma. When you write the teachings, this is himma. Like when you put oil in a machine, the oil is the himma. Without oil the machine does not work; without himma you cannot walk." (From "An Explanation of Al-Wazifa" in Music of the Soul.)

With a pen or pencil and paper in hand, ask Allah to open your heart to receive the teaching completely, to drink it deep into your being and learn its secrets. Ask also that Allah send Sidi's spirit to take you by the hand and show you the meaning of the station for your walking now.

Write out the station phrase by phrase. If something is unclear, pray for guidance and opening. When you start to receive illumination in your heart, go even deeper. Trust Allah that He may take you into these beautiful recesses. Often the most unclear passages open up into the most important understandings for us.

Write till you have finished the station. Take as much time as you need. Read what you have written with your own hand, and sit in remembrance for some time, letting the teachings fill your heart. You may also visualize the name of Allah or look into the written form of the name.